There's no end to the number of activities and experiences to discover on the island. Less than an hour away from Manila by plane, Boracay Island, a tropical island located in the Visayan region of the Philippines, remains one of the "Top Ten Beaches of the World" according to CNN and Conde Nast Traveller, and is listed among the top destinations for 2009 by The New York Times.

Discovery Shores' convenient location, along with the services of your friendly concierge and complimentary shuttle, make it easy to experience everything Boracay Island has to offer. The only thing you need... is time.


Classic Island Hopping
Rates: Php 2500 for3 hours
Maximum of 5 pax per boat
Service Provider: (Edgar boatman)
Contact Number: +639208163284
This is the most popular thing to do in Boracay! Cruise off the shores of Boracay in a local outrigger boat sighting out beaches, snorkeling sites, like Crocodile Island and just enjoying the beautiful sites and scenery of Boracay island for three hours.

Paraw Sailing
Rates: Php 1,500 per 30 minutes
Service Provider: Edgar (Boatman)
Contact Number: +639208163284
Enjoy cruising along the long white beach for an hour of serenity and relaxation on Boracayís local bancas. Make your stay in Boracay truly memorable and worthwhile by enjoying the spectacular sunset with your friends, family or partner.

Paddle Surfing
Rates: Php 700 per hour
Service Provider: Boracay Locals
This fantastic activity is a great way to work on your balance, tone your arms and at the same time enjoy the calm waters and beautiful sunshine of Boracay.

Skim Boarding
Rates: Php 600
Service Provider: Rodolfo Rodriguez
Contact Number: +639053354164
Enjoy gliding along the beautiful white shores of Boracay and learn to skim board, one of Boracayís main local activities. This is a good way to work out and at the same time to enjoy. You may also take home a personalized skim board ranging from Php 4,000 to Php 5,000 depending on your design.

Kite Boarding
Service Provider: Habagat Kite boarding
Contact Number: 288 5787/ 288 6102
Intro Course (2 hrs): Php 11,600
Discover the basics of flying a kite and see what kitting is all about! Learn how to set up your kite gear, the essentials of wind theory and safety features, proper kite control and body dragging in the water.
Day Two (2-5 hrs): Php 17,400
Learn the proper kite control and body dragging in the water. Control the kite hands on and to body drag along the shoreline
Day Three (5hrs): Php 24,000
Independent kite boarding, depending on skills gained during the first two days.

Scuba Diving
Rates: Php 3000 for introductory
Php 1,600 for licensed dive
Service Provider: Sea World, Scuba World
Contact Number: 288-3033
Discover Scuba ( Php 3,000 per person)
Diving Experience youíll learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. This takes 3-4 hours and includes one dive
Open Water
Get your PADI scuba certification. Discover new adventures and see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. It takes 3-4 days and includes all your materials and four dives.
Fun Dive (Php 1,600 per dive)
Explore one of the many dive locations here in Boracay! Wrecks, deep dives, drift dives, night dives and more.

Water Sports Service Provider: Diamond Sports
Contact Number: 09208163284
Php 2,500 solo
Php 1,700 per person for 2 pax
Php 2500 for 30mins.
Php 4,000 for 1 hour
Php 600 per person (min. of 3 persons)
Helmet Dive
Php1,500 per person for 30 mins with a free video CD
Banana Boat
Php 250 per person minimum of 5 persons
Speedboat Rental
Php 5,000 / 1 hour

VIP Super Boat Charter - Booty
Rates: 1,800 php per person
(Min. of 10 pax up to 40 pax, for 2 hrs)
Service Provider: My Boracay Guide (288 -9999)
Inclusive of unlimited drinks and a fire dance show. If you would like to rent the booty boat alone it cost Php 6,000 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. Php 1,000 for the succeeding hours.
This is the ultimate party boat! Perfect for a sunset cruise or an afternoon of snorkeling and cruising up and down the long white beach.
With a maximum of 40 people this is a fantastic way to have a private VIP party on the azure waters of Boracay! A cranking stereo, bar, two floors of seating, a fire dance show and a skilled crew to make the perfect day out on the water.

Luxury Catamaran Sailing
Service Provider: My Boracay Guide (288 -9999)
If you are looking for a truly memorable experience try sailing in luxury on a 42 ft Fountain Pajot Venezia Catamaran. This gorgeous cruising catamaran is fully equipped to provide you with luxury of unlimited voyaging on wide open oceans, while enjoying comfort and safety in all conditions.
Package A (Morning Sail)
(Php 2,500 min. of 4 persons)
Enjoy 2 hours on the pristine waters of Boracay from 10am to 12pm, with snacks and drinks included. Appreciate the cool ocean breeze and enjoy the beauty of Boracay.
Package B (Sunset Cruise)
Php 3,500 per person (min. of 4 persons)
There is no better place to enjoy the sunset than in the water aboard this luxury yacht with cocktails, snacks and tapas included from 4:30pm to 6:30 pm.
Package C (Day Sail)
Php 5,000 per person (min. of 5 up to 15)
Cruise in style from 10:00am to 3:00 pm enjoying life as it should be on vacation. Navigate to other islands, have a snorkel, enjoy a selection of unlimited drinks and enjoy a feast fit for a king.


Mountain Bike and Motorcycle Rental
Rates: Bike Rental Php150 per hour
Scooter cost Php1,500 for 4 hours
Motorbike: Php2,500 per for 4 hourz
Service Provider: My Boracay Guide
Contact Number: 288-6702
Enjoy riding through coconut groves, bike trails that cross rivers or a motorcycle ride to Mount Luho, boracays highest point which has a birds-eye view of Boracay island. Best time to do this activity is between 6:45 and 8:45 am starting from Patio Pacific. (better to start early due to hot weather condition)

Horseback Riding
Php 645 for 1 hour
Php 920 for 1 hour and 30 minutes
Service Provider: Romy Canares
Contact Number: 288-3311, 09222058993
This horse back riding tour starts from station 1 going up to Lapus lapus where you may trot through Balete trees and enjoy the jungle feel, riding up to Mount Luho where you can enjoy the view of Boracay island and ride down to Bulabog beach where you can gallop across the shores.

Go Kart
Single seater : Php500 for 20 mins
Service Provider: Apa ATV
Two-seater: Php 750 for 20 minutes
Contact Number: 288-5445
Challenge your friends to a race and grip the steering wheel tight as you whip around tight corners and zoom passed the finish line! A perfect way to bring out the racer in you.

ATV and Buggy Including a Safari Land Tour
ATV Php800 per hour per person
Buggy Php1500 per hour per buggy Service Provider: Best 1 ATV
Contact Number: 288-4273
Take a two hour trip around Boracay to check out all the sites of the island. First take some excellent photos from atop mount luho where you can see all sides of Boracay. Then proceed to Everland Aviary Farm to see a plethora of Tropical birds and butterflies. Finally proceed to the last underdeveloped beach in Boracay, Puka Shell beach, for an excellent sunset photo op.

Single Php580
Double Php380
Service Provider: Ilig Iligan
Contact Number: 09086148088
For a guaranteed adrenaline rush you may try one of the latest activities in Boracay. The Zorb, located at Ilig-Iligan. You may choose from two different types of zorb rides. The hydro ball where there is water inside the ball and the harness, where you are strapped on a harness as you roll down the slope.

Php700 per person
Service Provider: Fairways and Blue Waters
Contact Number: 09297037599
Try the newest craze in Boracay! Zip down above tropical jungle and a pristine white beach, enjoying a spectacular view with a spike of adrenaline that will make for an everlasting memory. With an elevation of 80 feet above sea level and a cable length of 300 meters, it is designed to enable two riders to simultaneously traverse from top to bottom of an inclined cable by being attached to harness and pulleys.

Chopper Tour (R44 Raven 2)
Service Provider: Boracay Helicopter
Contact number 288 4356
Beach Tour
3,500php per person (min. of two, max of 3)
A ten minute helicopter tour of white beach side of Boracay island. Know how it feels to be a bird over Boracay. A trip of a life time with great opportunities for taking spectacular photographs!
Island Tour
5,300php per person (min. of two, max of 3)
Experience a fifteen minute tour of the entire island and discover the beauty of Boracay. Fly over Tambisan reef, Bulabog Beach, puka shell, Diniwind beach and the famous White beach.
VIP Tour
7,500php per person (min. of two, max of 3)
Experience the stunning views of Boracay, Carabao, and Crocodile islands in a twenty minute helicopter tour and take in the breathtaking views of mountains and oceans in a tropical paradise.

Service Provider: Fairways and Blue Waters
Contact Number: 288-5585
Rates: Monday Ė Sunday
18 Holes Php 5,000 (Per Pax)
9 Holes Php 2,500 (Per Pax)
Golf Cart Rental
18 Holes Php 1,200 good for 2 Pax
9 Holes Php 800 good for 2 Pax
Golf Set Rental
18 Holes Php 800 (Per Pax) 9 Holes Php 400 (Per Pax)
Golf Shoes Rental
18 Holes Php 300 (Per Pax)
9 Holes Php 200 (Per Pax)
Caddie Fee
18 Holes Php 400 (Per Pax)
9 Holes Php 220 (Per Pax)
Golf Instructor
Per Hour Php 500/hour
Enjoy and relax as you play with your loved ones or friends. You may delight in a game of 18 holes or just enjoy for half a day with a game of 9 holes and still have time to enjoy the beauty of the beach in the afternoon.


Arielís Point Cliff Diving and BBQ Lunch
Php1,600 minimum of 8 people
Service Provider: Arielís House
Half-day excursion to a beautiful corner of nature on Buruanga. A 40 minute outrigger boat ride from Boracay Islandís White Beach, famous cliff jumping with almost 7 different levels perfect for a rush of adrenaline, snorkeling, swimming, and a delicious BBQ buffet lunch plus unlimited drinks and lots of fun!

Night life
Service Provider: Juice Bar and Epic
Boracay is also known for its night life. Restaurant during the day where you may dine and enjoy the serenity of the sea and come late evening, These restaurants transform to a "Get away" for tourist where you can dance, meet new people and make your Boracay trip more memorable.

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